Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Inept, or Why My Love for Etsy Knows No Bounds

Image via QuickMeme.com
So I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to arts & crafts.  I had a 50/50 success rate of coloring inside the lines as a kid and the best thing I could draw were stick figures and boxy houses.  I can’t sew very well or make jewelry.  BUT I have vision.  I know exactly what it is that I want when it comes to certain design elements.  I guess that’s why the only "DIY" thing I can really do well is interior design.  Maybe not as a profession but the rooms in my apartment have a color coordinated theme with some nice decor pieces (thank you TJ Maxx and Homegoods!)

But interior decorating aside, I had certain visions for my wedding design and decor as I started getting deeper into planning.  And that’s when I decided to turn to Etsy...a magical place where many incredibly skilled DIY'ers live.  The first thing I ordered on Etsy were these “Be My Bridesmaid” keepsake boxes for my girls.  I knew in my head exactly what I wanted them to look like, so it was just a matter of finding someone to create them, and they came out gorgeous!  I included things in the box like a picture of the bridesmaid dress, the wedding color scheme, a peacock feather (this is the wedding theme), information on the big day and a personalized note to each girl as to why I couldn’t imagine saying “I Do” without them by my side.  And the nice thing about the boxes was that it has each girl’s name on the cover and can be used as a keepsake box. 

Created for one of my bridesmaids by Brynlee Designs on Etsy
Created for one of my bridesmaids by Brynlee Designs on Etsy
   After doing searches for “peacock feather invitations” I also ordered my Save the Dates off Etsy.  I worked with Lindsey, owner of the shop Yours Truly Invitations.  When this Save the Date came up in my search, I knew immediately that I would have her create mine.  Here’s the sample I first saw;

I’m also in the process of ordering the actual wedding invitations and am working with Megan, owner of the shop One of a Kind Custom Design, another shop specializing in peacock feather wedding invites.  Here’s the one I'm basing my invites on (mine will be champagne gold on the outside, not beige);
Image via It'saBridesLife.com
Image via It'saBridesLife.com
And the other day, I also ordered my hair fascinator and veil from shops on Etsy;

Lola Bridal Hair Piece Feathers and Frills Shop on Etsy
Cathedral Length Veil (108") Diamond Wedding Veil shop on Etsy
It seems to me that Etsy is more affordable for things like invitations and bridal accessories (for example, the bridal salon where I got my dress sold veils from $200-$1,000--outrageous considering it’s a piece of tulle I’ll be wearing for an hour!  The veil I ordered on Etsy?  $40.  Boom.)  There are a few more items I’ve favorited on Etsy for purchase within the next few months including jewelry and other wedding accessories.  Check Etsy out for wedding items before you make some major purchases--you may just end up being surprised on what you find on there :)


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