Sunday, November 25, 2012

Engagement Shoot Photos!

Since we are at about the half way point until our wedding day, wanted to share some great photos from our engagement shoot. In the beginning I was pretty adamant against engagement shoots. I just thought that the majority of them were so cheesy, what with couples holding each other in Prom poses while gazing off into a field. Needless to say, I was pretty set on not doing this.

When we were choosing our photographers however, we noticed that the majority of them included engagement pics as part of the overall package. FH was all about it (he just loves a good deal!) so I begrudgingly agreed. I told him though that we had to make it very clear to our photogs that we would want to be photographed doing things we actually enjoy.

Fast forward to July when we had already chosen the wonderful Samara and Chris of the Montreal-based photography company Sarelle Photos as our photographers. We were gearing up for our second wedding planning trip out to Montreal since we had some vendor meetings lined up, so decided to do our engagement shoot during that trip as well. (Side note: I had also scheduled my hair and makeup trial for the morning of the shoot--this is a great way to see if the work your hair and makeup artist do will hold up the entire day and photograph well.)

We let our photographers know the kinds of things we were passionate about, like biking, music and dancing.  Montreal has this awesome bike rental system so that ended up working out perfectly as we used a bike for a portion of our shoot. But the best and biggest addition came from our photographers. After the shoot, we planned on catching a concert at this cool theater--a singer named Citizen Cope was performing there and we've never seen him live before. Our photographers ended up getting permission from the theater to take some photos of us inside the venue, before the show. We were THRILLED, since as I've mentioned music is one of our biggest passions.  

I also wanted to integrate the peacock wedding theme into our e-shoot, hence the light teal dress and peacock feather necklace.  The cupcakes were leftovers from our tasting with the baker, Les Glaceurs, the day before.  So to end, wanted to share some of our favorite photos from the shoot--enjoy!

P.S.-- There is indeed a picture (or three) of us in a Prom-like pose gazing off into a field. But it's totally awesome so don't judge!