Friday, November 16, 2012

Freestyle Fridays

FH and I are obsessed with music.  For me, nearly every waking hour is spent listening to music.  I have a crazy long commute to work (2 hours each way, FML) so my headphones are ALWAYS connected to either my smartphone or MP3 player.  I listen to music when I walk down the street.  I listen to music when I work.  I listen to music when I cook/drive/workout. And I love all types of music--indie rock, 80s, 90s, musicals and Disney soundtracks (don’t judge, you know you love “A Whole New World” from Aladdin!), reggae, Spanish, alternative, hip hop and the list goes on and on.  Anyone who knows us knows that music will be a HUGE part of our wedding (more on that in later posts).

That being said, I will feature a playlist each Friday with songs that inspired me that week or that I just love to rock out to.  Grooveshark is my preferred streaming music site (and not just because I work there!)  So without further adieu, here are today’s jams;

Freestyle Fridays 11/16/12 by Primp My Bride on Grooveshark


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