Friday, November 16, 2012

Wedding Guestlist Part II: Kids

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So further to the guest list discussion, we decided that even though we love kids, we weren't going to have them as part of our big day and have opted instead for an Adults Only affair.  And it was probably one of the easiest wedding-related decisions we've made so far.  I know this is something that probably makes sense to some brides while is unfathomable to others.  I can only speak from our personal experience though, so here is our reasoning below;

For us, our friends are just starting to have children.  Some are working on their 1st, some on their 2nd and 3rd, but most just aren't at that stage yet.  Also, there are not very many children in our immediate families.  We aren't godparents or aunts/uncles yet.  There is no child in our lives (so far) that we see on a regular enough basis to have formed a strong bond with.  Now I have some friends that are not yet parents, yet have little ones in their lives that they are like second parents to--not a day or week goes by where they don't either see or talk to the children and it's quite sweet to see that sort of connection that some people have.

We were a bit nervous at first that this decision would rule out a few friends and family members from attending the wedding (especially since it'll be out of the country over a long weekend) but surprisingly, the parents we invited seem like they will be coming and will make other arrangements for their kids.  I think some are just excited to have a weekend to enjoy to themselves, in the company of other adults.  Plus with a 9 hour open bar, we don't anticipate anyone being responsible enough to take care of themselves, let alone their kids!


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