Monday, November 19, 2012

My Journey to the Dress

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The search for my perfect wedding dress came full circle thanks to Pinterest.  I mentioned in my previous post that my dress ended up being one of the first I pinned.  I always had that dress in the back of my mind but I’m the type of person who needs to see LOTS of options before being sure I’ve found the right one.  So after searching the web and probably scrolling through a 1,000+ dresses (thanks mostly to and, I pinned a few dozen of all different styles since I had no idea what would work for me.

When it was finally time for me to start trying on dresses, I wanted to bring everyone along with me.  But after watching one too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, it seemed that one of the biggest mistakes was bringing too many people to your bridal appointment (for various reasons including loss of sanity) so what I did was divide that venture into multiple trips.  I would take a few of my girlfriends with me on my first major bridal shop outing and then would narrow down which salons I would go to with my mom, sister and FH’s mom (since she only has sons, I wanted to invite her to join in on this experience. She will henceforth be known as Future Mother in Law or FMIL for short).

So I went with my GFs to 3 bridal salons and tried on somewhere between 15-20 dresses.  Some were very pretty but I just didn’t get that “this is THE one” feeling that is often portrayed on those bridal reality shows.  I started to figure that maybe this feeling didn’t exist in real life and was just something for the cameras.

Then I remembered that I didn’t yet try on the dress I first pinned on Pinterest.  That was at a beautiful salon in Manhattan called Pronovias (it's a Barcelona-based bridal line) but because it was such an upscale salon (with surprisingly reasonably priced dresses--I’m talking under $2,000.  However they also carry gowns that are $15K+ which I of course avoided like the plague), I was going to save this experience for when I went with my mom, sis and FMIL.  However I was feeling kind of disheartened for not having found the dress yet so I randomly ended up making an appointment there about 2 weeks after trying on dresses with my GFs.  

My cousin Tiffany went with me and I tried on about 5 dresses including my pinned one.  They were all absolutely stunning but when I put on the one I had pinned, I felt the ground underneath me move.  My amazing bridal consultant “jacked” me up with a veil, headband and blingy belt and even though I totally didn’t want to be that girl who cries in a bridal gown...I totally ended up being that girl who cries in a bridal gown.  It was absolutely 100% how I envisioned myself looking on my wedding day and I was just so happy!  Tiffany and the bridal consultant started crying along with me and I was SO glad no one else was there to see us being all swoony and girly.  So I told the consultant that I knew this was the dress but I would have to wait until my mom saw it to make sure she loved it too.

So I went back to the salon about a month later with mom, sister and FMIL and tried it on for them and they were like YES, this is your dress.  The thing I loved most was that they were all like "this dress is so you". And better yet, it somehow matches my overall wedding theme as well (more on that in a later post). My mom was so sweet and offered to buy the dress for me...she said it was something she always knew she would do.  I don’t want to post any pictures yet of the dress in case FH come across this blog but I will definitely share after the wedding :) Here are some examples of Pronovias’ dresses though--absolutely swoon-worthy!

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Pronovias Baile / Image via
Pronovias Delicia / Image via
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