Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Tips on Communicating Your Wedding Info with Guests

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With our wedding less then six months away, I thought I'd share with you some things that have worked well for us so far in this destination wedding process.  A destination wedding requires a lot of time, patience and effort, but what good is all that if you haven't properly communicated the details with your potential guests?  I'm sure the same is true for local weddings too, so here are some tips on keeping your guests informed;

Let people know your date as soon as you've chosen it.  
We had our date picked about 13 months before the actual day so we started verbally (and virtually) communicating this to our closest friends and family to ensure that our VIPs would informally save the date.

Create a wedding website.  
I dedicated an entire post to how great wedding websites are so this shouldn't come as a surprise.  Trust me when I say guests are very, very grateful for a place they can visit that has all the info for your big day.  Even if you don't want to include all the lovey dovey details on how you first met, how the proposal went down and photos of you guys making googley eyes at each other, make a very basic site that just has the where, when and how (travel info guests need to know, like if they need a passport, how to get to your wedding location, room block info and how to book, etc.)  This will save you from people randomly calling/texting/emailing you at all hours of the day and night for information.  Trust me!!

Try to send Save the Dates 8 to 10 months before the big day.  
We sent ours about 9 months before the wedding date and included an additional insert letting guests know about the room blocks and booking instructions on our wedding website.  This allow
ed guests ample time to start making their travel arrangements months before the actual invites go out.  Feel free to go digital too--it's totally fine to send a Save the Date email or e-card.  There are a ton of sites that offer free e-invite templates like Evite or Punchbowl.

Consider creating a secret invite-only group on Facebook.  
We haven't done this yet but absolutely will after the invites go out.  Two of my friends did this for their weddings and it was a great place where guests could ask questions and leave comments
in real time.  I prefer to create this group after the invites go out so that we only include people who've rsvp'd yes, but feel free to create this at any time.


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