Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Having a Wedding Planner/Coordinator is Key

So as you guys can tell, I'm pretty comfortable doing research and planning a lot on my own.  However, I am a BIG advocate of wedding planners.  What's nice is that nowadays, WPs offer all types of planning packages.  From full planning, to partial planning, to day of coordination, they can help guide you through this experience regardless whether your wedding is down the block or across the globe.  For our wedding we hired Rachel Cripps-Gervais, owner of the Montreal-based wedding planning service An English Rose, to provide some vendor recos and to handle day of coordination.  Here are my quick thoughts below on the services we purchased;

Hiring a Planner for Partial Planning:
While I was able to find venue, photographer, DJ and baker vendors through my trusty friend Google, there were other vendors where we felt we needed a local expert's POV.  These included; makeup and hair stylists, florists, officiants and string quartets.  And she did a great job--we are really happy with the vendors we subsequently chose from her recommendations.  So figure out what areas you are comfortable researching on your own and which ones you will need help with.

Hiring a Planner for Day of Coordination:
To me this is essential.  The first time I saw a planner in action the day of was at my friend Robyn's wedding a few years ago.  Now that was a woman who was comfortable getting sh*t done--she was extremely organized and provided my friend and us bridesmaids with everything we needed (she even had an assistant trailing us all with lip gloss in case anyone needed a quick touch up.  Now that's service!)  I knew then that I just had to have someone running the show the day of.  

Our planner will step in about a month before the wedding and will coordinate every single vendor from that point on (i.e. reviewing all contracts, making sure vendors show up on time and that everything is setup correctly, etc.).  She will also create a schedule and make sure things run as smoothly as possible.  This is a huge relief because I'm pretty sure I'll be an emotional bundle of nerves, so the last thing I want to hear is that there aren't enough table settings, or that Granny's gone missing.  I just don't want to know!!  Your wedding planner should essentially be your fairy godmother;

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