Friday, January 25, 2013

Freestyle Fridays - Wishing for Summer

 It's been an awfully cold week here on the East Coast--unfortunately all the sunshine and warmth that my skin absorbed in Mexico last week is now gone (boooo!!)  So as a consolation, this week's Freestyle Friday playlist is all about summer, that glorious time of year where you can wear short shorts, sandals and tank tops. 

This past summer was unbearably hot and I actually couldn't wait for it to be over--being in an NYC subway station in 100 degree weather is something no human being should have to experience.  EVER.  But now I'm kicking myself this week for even thinking such blasphemous thoughts.  Stinky, hot subway or frozen hands & ears?  You decide.   In the meantime, hopefully these songs will make you feel warm inside (and out).  Enjoy!

Freestyle Fridays - Wishing for Summer by Primp My Bride on Grooveshark


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