Monday, January 14, 2013

My Journey to the Dress Part II: 1st Fitting

I am so excited to share that I had my first fitting last week!  After purchasing my gown from the Pronovias flagship store in NYC back in May, it has been 8 months since I last saw myself in my dress.  Since then, I've avoided looking at other wedding dresses in the event that I see one that makes me regret purchasing mine.  Luckily, that hasn't happened, but I was admittedly nervous in the days leading up to the fitting.  What if they ordered the wrong dress? What if they ordered the right dress, but I hated it?  What if my accessories didn't match??  The whole white, off-white, ivory, cream versions of white is extremely confusing!  I had nightmares the day before the fitting where each of these situations happened.  But when I woke up in the morning, I realized I needed to get a freakin' grip.  If by any chance something did go wrong, there was still 4 months for the salon to fix it.  So with my accessories, courage and mom in tow, we drove into the city, had a little bit of drama trying to find parking (but that's NYC for you), and ultimately made it on time for my appointment.

When it was time to step into the fitting room, I held my breath while the seamstress opened up the garment bag...and the dress was finally revealed!  Not going to lie though, for a hot second I actually wasn't sure if it was my dress.  I couldn't remember the bodice or the skirt looking the way it did but I kept my crazy thoughts to myself and decided to wait until I put the gown on to make any judgements.  Once the dress was on though, I knew absolutely that this was still my dress.  This time around I am even more in love with it because;
  1. This was the first time I put on the actual dress that I will be getting married in, not the raggedly sample dress I originally tried on 
  2. I had brought along my wedding shoes, veil and hair fascinator which gave me more of a holistic view of how I will look on my wedding day
  3. Mom's wholehearted, enthusiastic approval of the dress once more 
  4. My calorie counting has been working--my dress needs to be taken in several inches in the bodice (whoohoo!!) 
Sorry to be a MAJOR tease, but I can only show you an image from my fitting of the shoulder up;
Taken by my mom (hence the slight blurriness) / Personal Photo
It also turns out that I don't need to wear any kind of bra or undergarment with the dress.  I was pretty shocked because my lady lumps are on the bigger side, however the seamstress said because the bodice is corseted and the material is pretty thick, everything will be held in very tightly.  She said wearing an undergarment would be uncomfortable and I'd be way too hot.  So instead, she's sewing in cups--which is totally fine by me!  I spent the past few months doing a TON of research on the different types of undergarments, so I'm glad I no longer have to spend the money on one.  My next fitting is in early April (right before my bachelorette party in Vegas!) so I'm hoping to be halfway to my journey of Michelle Obama arms at that point :)

How was your first dress fitting?  Exciting? Terrifying?


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