Monday, March 4, 2013

Focusing on the Big Picture

Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for a week or so.  I needed to take a break from ALL things wedding related (including blogging) after a huge blowout with someone in my family over the guestlist.  Remember my surefire way to ensure that no uninvited guests are included?  Well, let's just say things don't always go according to plan (no matter how much of a planning control freak you try to be or how crystal clear you try to make things for guests).  Needless to say, it was a VERY stressful week.
Pretty much how I looked all week / Image via Wedding by Color
Now that things have calmed down (famous last words...), I've decided to not let shitty situations get me down.  It's less than 3 months until the big day and up until last week, I've actually been quite happy planning this wedding for the past 14 months.  Since these last few months are bound to include all sorts of drama and stress, I'm choosing to keep calm, carry on, and focus on the big picture (which is getting married of course!) 

Mr. M and I have a big weekend ahead of us--we are going up to Montreal for our final wedding planning trip in a few days and have a jam packed schedule which includes food tastings, a final hair & makeup trial (for me at least) and meeting with people who will be directly involved with our big day (including our wedding planner, photographers, etc.).  I'm reallllly excited to be heading up there, as the last time we visited was in July.

We also plan on doing some "us time" activities such as the spa (we're obsessed with this AMAZING spa called Bota Bota -- it's an old ferry boat that's been refitted as a world class spa), checking out two restaurants we haven't been to yet and going on a Brewpub tour.  I'm looking forward to getting stuff done while having a great time in this city that we love.  And I plan on leaving the drama behind--at least for the weekend.

So fess up, people.  Anyone dealing with some insane wedding drama as your big day draws near?  Anyone else wishing they had eloped instead (or finally understand why people decide to)?


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