Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hair and Makeup Trial Reveal! (Part 2)

With the makeup perfected, it was time to move on to the hair.  My awesome stylist, Priska from Priska Coiffure in Montreal is also the same person who worked her magic on my hair for the engagement shoot back in July.  So with the picture of Tyra in hand, she set to working on a similar style.  I didn't want it to be an exact replica of her style, but something that worked with my hair length and type.

We ended up working out 3 versions of the side wave.  The versions may not seem all that different but trust me, they were.  This is a very pic-heavy post, so apologies in advance!

*All photos are personal unless otherwise noted.
Here was version #1--the wave was swept totally to the side of my head;
Here was version #2--she did a little lift in the front of the wave, which reminded me of a '40s updo:
And last but not least, version #3--the side sweeps down near my eyebrow;
And the winner was....version #3!  Something about the way the hair comes down slightly above my eyebrow had us thinking this was ultimately the best look for me.  So we actually took MANY more pictures just to make sure we captured all the angles she would need in order to recreate the look on the wedding day.  Since my hair isn't very long, we decided that the side bun needed some more volume on the wedding day, so will be using some extensions for that.

We even added the veil for good measure....
yea, yea I know it's wrinkled--it's been crammed in a box for 3 months.  Gotta figure out how to get those wrinkles out for the wedding...
And so the hair and makeup trials were complete!  There will be a few tweaks on the wedding day but other than that, I'm sure I'll be cheesin' it up the day of like I am in the photo below :)
 How did your hair and makeup trial turn out?


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