Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Personal Touches

So with many major to-dos recently crossed off our list, it was time this week to start working on some small details and personal touches for the wedding.  First, remember awhile back I mentioned that instead of the traditional guestbook, we will have guests "autograph" vinyl records of our favorite artists?  Well being the obsessed Amazon Prime member that I am, I was able to find all the vinyls save for Bloc Party's "Silent Alarm" for pretty great prices.  I ordered the albums and two days later Mr. M got this nice big box delivered to his office;
Love getting packages from Amazon! / Personal Photo
Clockwise from top: Radiohead In Rainbows, M.I.A. Kala, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones, Arcade Fire Funeral / Personal Photo
The records, same order in the picture above.  Guests will use the gold sharpies in the middle to sign / Personal Photo
I've never owned a vinyl record in my life so it's cool to now have 4 (well technically 5--the M.I.A. one came with two!)  These artists are also very special to us because we've seen each live at least twice and consider many songs off these albums as part of the "soundtrack" of our relationship (I know it's cheesy, but it's true!)  After the wedding, we plan on framing the records and hanging them on the wall as a keepsake.

We will also be having a cupcake tower instead of a traditional cake but the top of the tower will have a 6" red velvet mini cake.  The image below is what we sent our baker for inspiration;
Of course there's a peacock feather! / Image via Cake Central
So to mimic the style of the top cake layer, I ordered the below items on Etsy to give to the baker;
I'm not sure which one to choose so I ordered the Rhinestone Buckle Sample Pack / via Etsy Shop Doo Me a Favor
Champagne Colored Ribbon, 1.5 inches / via Etsy Shop Doo Me a Favor

Described as Parrot Blue so hoping to get away with this being Teal, 1 inch / via Etsy Shop Sweet Ideas By Janet
The rhinestone buckle and ribbons will be used to decorate the bottom of the cake layer, like in the picture.

Also, on our recent visit to the venue we learned that the aisle length will be about 50 feet, so I started researching some 50 foot aisle runners and decided to purchase this one below--it was only $25!
50 Foot White French Lace Aisle Runner / Purchased on Koyal Wholesale
I have a ton more things left on the list to purchase but I think I'll wait until I receive some of the current items before purchasing other things.

Are you currently in the process of ordering items for your wedding?  Did I pay too much for the aisle runner or is that a good price?


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