Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Traditions: What We're Skipping

To continue the discussion of wedding traditions, I forgot to mention that we are also definitely keeping all the dances (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son).  As music lovers and dance machines, we wouldn't skip these for the world :) 

Now, on to the things that we'll be skipping;

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The Bridal Shower
The decision to skip the bridal shower was based solely on the fact that my bridesmaids are already going above and beyond for my wedding.  Not only am I have a destination wedding in Montreal, but I'm also having a destination bachelorette-party weekend (next week!!) in Vegas (which was of course entirely optional for anyone to attend considering the costs).  Because of this, there was just no way I could ask/allow them to throw me a bridal shower as well.

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Not Seeing Each Other Until the Ceremony
We are totally doing the "first look" for several reasons:
1) We will be spending the night before the wedding together.
2) It'll be nice to have some time alone before the ceremony, just the two of us (and our photogs of course).
3) There is no way in hell we are missing cocktail hour to take photos!
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Only Dad Walking Me Down the Aisle
I know this is non-traditional in certain religions, however most of the time, it's only the father that walks the bride down the aisle.  For our wedding, I'm having both my mother and father walk me down the aisle.  I just think there's something sweet about walking with both my parents, especially since they both raised me and are luckily still together.
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Church Ceremony
While both of us are Christian, neither of us are very religious so it didn't seem very "us" to getting married in a church.  Plus, the cost benefit of having all the events at one location outweighed any reason to have the ceremony off-site.
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Ring Bearer & Flower Girl
As you know, we aren't having any children at the wedding--in fact, I don't think we're having anyone under the age of 21.  Because of this and also because of the fact that neither of us have nieces, nephews, or children that we are very close to, we will not have a ring bearer or flower girl.
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Receiving Line
In my opinion, this just takes wayyyy too long.  We'd like to keep the day moving as seamlessly as possible and since we refuse to miss cocktail hour, we'll have the opportunity to chat with guests at that time.

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Bouquet & Garter Toss
For some reason, I've just never been a big fan of calling out the single ladies and having them scramble to catch the bouquet.  And as for Mr. M crawling up my dress in front of everyone (especially his 88 year-old grandfather and 90 year-old grandmother!) to retrieve a garter?  I'll pass.

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Traditional Wedding Cake
Mr. M and I are not the biggest fans of traditional wedding cake.  Instead, we are cupcake fanatics--which is why we'll be having a cupcake tower instead (however, there will be a little cake on top).
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Cake Smash
I might have done this if not for the fact that I'll be spending hours (and lots of $$) on hair and makeup.  So no, you cannot smash cake in my face.
Image via Bargain Mugs
Considering that most people don't take wedding favors (unless they are edible), we decided to save some money by skipping favors.  We're having a photobooth that will print out pictures with our names and wedding date, so we're considering those as the favors.

What traditions are you skipping?


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