Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Musical Chairs

Image via Lover.ly / Photo Creidt: Graceology Photgraphy
I thought the title was appropriate since each of our tables will be named after our favorite bands :) Putting together the seat chart surprisingly didn't stress me out nearly as much as I thought it would.  For the most part, it was actually not that difficult assigning people to tables.  I hate going to a wedding and being seated at a table where I don't know anyone (although I understand that sometimes it's unavoidable, but still), so it was really important to us that we sat people together who mostly knew each other.   In putting the tables together, we realized that my family alone makes up six tables, while his whole family only takes up one and a half tables.  Our Connecticut friends make up four tables, and the remaining three tables consists mostly of NYC friends, bridemaids and their SOs.

Then there was the vendor seating--at first we were thinking of a separate table but the 15 tables we currently have are the absolute maximum...so that was a no-go.  Putting them in another room wasn't an option, especially for our photographers since all the speeches are going to be in-between courses. So ultimately we decided to add a few additional seats to the tables closest to the dance floor. 

Here is how I'm visualizing the layout for the reception room--we want to seat our immediate family closest to our sweetheart table and the friends who are most likely to be dancing all night right by the dance floor (I still have to run this by the venue to make sure what I'm seeing in my head is actually possible.)

Further down shows the dance floor and DJ booth and past that is what I'm visualizing for the little lounge area, complete with couch, light up bar, photobooth, etc.

FYI, I made this chart on WeddingWire;

 Did you run in to issues while putting together your seating chart?  Did you also create a visual for how you envision the room set up?


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