Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Scent Fit for a Bride

I used to be obsessed with perfume and body scents.  I would hit up Bath & Body Works every few months like it was no one's business and probably owned 3 or 4 bottles of fancy perfume at any given time.  But when I developed seasonal allergies 10 years ago, strong scents started to irritate the hell out of me and I could no longer stand ones that were too flowery or fruity.  The only perfume I could tolerate was Armani Code--it's a sexy, musky scent that's my going-out-at-night go to.  I first used it 7 years ago and it is still the only bottle of perfume I own.
Armani Code / Image via Sephora
I hadn't given much thought to a wedding day scent until I started reading posts from the other Bee Bloggers and realized it was maybe something to consider.  I assumed I would wear Armani Code but since it's currently my signature scent, I thought it might be nice to wear something totally different and unique throughout the wedding weekend (and like Miss Jack Rabbit's fiance, Mr. M also notices if I wear a new scent).  So I went to Sephora one day and tested out a bunch of scents.  My favorite by far was actually Lancome's La Vie est Belle. It's feminine and floral but very light--pretty much the opposite of what I've been wearing--but I love it!
La Vie est Belle / Image via Macy's
At first I ordered a bottle from Macy's but when it came, it had that slight alcoholy smell that's a tell-tale sign of a bottle gone bad.  As I went to return it, it dawned on me that I was nuts for spending $55 on a bottle of perfume that I may not continue to wear after the wedding day.  So instead, I went back to Sephora for a few mini samples and voila, I now have my signature scent...for free!  With the free mini samples in mind I figured I should get Mr. M to wear a nice scent for the wedding day as well...more details in the next post :)

What will be your signature scent for the wedding?


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