Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mongoose Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Well hello there hive!  I know it's been awhile but I'm SO excited to let you know that we've finally gotten our wedding photos!!  Now I can officially start my recaps--and I can't wait to share all the details with you.

All photos by Sarelle Photos

Oh and remember how we decided to rent flip cameras from WeddingMix and assign friends and family to take video instead of hiring a videographer?  It was one of the best wedding decisions we made.  Granted, the video quality isn't perfect, but you can easily feel, hear and see all of the emotions, love and FUN from our big day;

And last but not least, I'm going to be a bit non-traditional with my wedding recap title.  As most of you know, the majority of the other bees have been able to integrate their blogger name within the recap titles in very cute and creative ways.  However after thinking it through, there was just no way to be cutesy with the word Mongoose (believe me I tried!)

So instead, I've decided to name my recaps after one of our favorite songs by the band Bloc Party called "This Modern Love".  This is also what we ended up engraving inside Mr. M's wedding band.   The lovely and amazingly talented Mrs. Armadillo created an awesome icon for the end of my recap posts--it is cartoon versions of us and she even integrated our teal and gold wedding colors in the banner!  Check it out below.

Let the recaps begin!!
Friday, July 12, 2013

Freestyle Fridays

Hey folks!  It's been quite some time since I posted a Freestyle Friday mix (I was a little busy, what with the whole getting married thing), so I thought it was time to share some more music goodness.  Also I think I'll retire the previous Freestyle Friday image in favor of the one above.

Check out the playlist below if you're in the mood for some really chill tunes from artists like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Tame Impala, Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, Citizen Cope, The Killers, and of course an old fav, Arcade Fire.  Enjoy!!!

Chill Favs by Martine B. on Grooveshark
Monday, July 1, 2013

WeddingMix Tuesday Tutorial - How to Keep Your Rented Wedding Video Cameras Organized

Blogger's note: I was asked by the team over at WeddingMix to write a post for their weekly Tuesday Tutorial feature.  Read on for more details!

So you've gone ahead and made the smart and economical decision to purchase a flip cam package through WeddingMix--now what??  In the weeks leading up to your big day, make sure to set aside some time to think about:
  • The people you'd like to assign as your "directors"
  • Which specific moments you want captured
For me, the easiest way to do this was to create a simple, color-coded Excel spreadsheet which looked like this:

I thought about the specific people (in this case, 7 friends and 2 of my husband's family members) who I thought would 1) be really good at filming and 2) would be more than happy to help with the task.  I asked each person and once everyone was on board, I created the above spreadsheet to help stay organized.  I also emailed a copy of this spreadsheet to all the people filming and printed out a few copies to have on hand before the wedding in case anyone needed one (as you can see, I like to have multiple contingency plans when it comes to organization!)  You can download a copy of this template here;  WeddingMix Flip Cam Schedule
Since I ordered the 5 camera package, I also wanted to make sure that the flip cams themselves would be easy to keep organized.  So once I received the cameras in the mail, I went to Michaels to buy some numbered stickers to put on each camera.  This was to ensure that the right person got the right camera AND since each camera can record 2 hours of footage, to make sure the moments were spread out equally so we wouldn't run out of camera space.  Side note: when I sent the cameras back to WeddingMix, I totally forgot to remove the stickers so the team captured this great photo to show how organized the cameras looked!

For me, the most important moments to capture included the girls and guys getting ready in the morning, my husband and I opening our wedding morning notes and gifts to each other, the ceremony, reception entrances, dances and speeches.  We also decided a few weeks before that we wanted a friend to do a "Cocktail Hour Q&A", where he would ask guests certain questions, if they had any words of advice for us, etc.  This turned out to be a big hit and produced some GREAT footage, both funny and very sweet.

Aim to have your spreadsheet done and cameras numbered at least 2 days before the wedding--it'll be one less thing to worry about on your big day!