Friday, June 12, 2015

TML Events Vendor Spotlight: Barcelona Wine Bar in New Haven, CT

For those of you who may not know, New Haven, CT is a foodie's paradise.  With world-renowned pizza places and an incredible array of ethnic restaurants, the options for a delicious meal are endless!  That's why we were THRILLED to learn that one of our favorite New Haven eateries Barcelona, an amazing wine and tapas restaurant, provides catering for special events and weddings all throughout Connecticut.

Warning--these food images may cause you to drool all over your smartphone or keyboard so proceed with caution!

I was invited by Barcelona New Haven's event manager Helen to come in for a tasting of some old favorites as well as some new additions to the menu.  I was super impressed to learn that they don't actually have a separate catering menu--any of their dozens of tapas and entrees can be served at events both big and small.  Some of my new favorites included the Smoked Trout Pate with pickled onions, the Shrimp Escabeche and the Potato Tortilla served with chive sour cream.  Delicis!!

Smoked Trout Pate on the left, Shrimp Escabeche on the right
Potatoes Tortilla w/ chive sour cream
These dishes were incredibly tasty, especially the Potato Tortilla.  For as many years as I've been dining at Barcelona, I realized that I had never once ordered dessert (and anyone who knows me knows that dessert is my favorite part of any meal!). So we decided on a dessert sampler which included Flan Catalan, Crepas Salguero, Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Cake and of course Churros.  Each dessert was spectacular and I can't believe I had been missing out on them for all of these years!

Awesome desserts!
If you'd like a refreshing and modern break from the chicken/beef/fish entrees that are standard fare at most weddings, I think Barcelona offers fantastic options that will wow your guests--leaving them thoroughly satisfied and super impressed.  Not only are they located in New Haven, but they have several locations throughout CT too, from Hartford to Stamford.  Barcelona has also expanded to Boston, Atlanta and the DC area.

What I also learned is that they have another restaurant called Bartaco , a taco bar with a laid back beachy theme.  Any one of these restaurants can cater your wedding--whether you are looking for tapas style dishes, custom tacos or a giant paella dish that can feed around 80 people each!

Huge paella pan that can feed up to 80 people per dish
Tacos galore
Depending on the size of your wedding, you can also choose to have your wedding at their locations as well if you have your heart set on a restaurant reception.  In addition to weddings, they of course also cater any type of event, including corporate events, dinner parties, etc.  We hope these photos didn't leave you too hungry and if they did, you now know where you must have your next meal :)

Photographer Credits: Troy Lilly for Barcelona food photos, Manny Vargas for Bartaco food photos, me for Barcelona tasting food photos (aka the ones obviously taken from a cell phone!)