Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Planning from Afar

My fiance (who will now be referred to as Future Husband or FH for short) and I got engaged almost exactly one year ago and knew pretty much right away that we would be planning a far away wedding in order to avoid a guest list of 300+ (I’m from New York but FH and I currently live in Connecticut...and I have an enormous family).  His family mostly lives in Wisconsin so either way, they would have had to travel.  So we figured, why not make everyone travel?  It has been proven that destination weddings help “trim the fat” off your guestlist--which is hands down the #1 way to save on wedding costs.

So after contemplating several locations spanning from California’s wine country to somewhere in the Caribbean, FH casually says one day “What about Canada?  We had such an amazing time in Montreal”.  At that moment, I felt a light bulb go off in my brain--what a genius!!  A year earlier, we had visited Montreal for a long weekend to celebrate our birthday (we have the exact same birthday, May 10--just born in different years.  Spooky!!) and had an incredible time.  It was only a 6 hour drive from where we live in Connecticut so we had a nice mini-road trip up north.  The people in Montreal are wonderful, the food is divine, and Old Montreal (a charming part of town with cobblestone streets that’s near in the Port) is basically North America’s version of Paris, our favorite band Arcade Fire is from there, and the best part...US currency is accepted pretty much everywhere!

Our birthday dinner at a great downtown Montreal restaurant called Europea--it was a 13 course meal!  Incredibly delicious but we wanted to cry after dish 7, we were so stuffed!
After this conversation about Montreal as a potential location, I did some initial research to make sure there was a thriving wedding industry there and needless to say, there was.  I was hooked and we were psyched because our destination was finally determined.  He scored major points there for being an involved groom--I was so proud!  And so our journey of wedding planning from afar began...
Horse & Carriages in Old Montreal

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal (our ceremony will NOT be there--despite the fact that Celine Dion got married there, it costs $6,000 so it wasn't even a consideration lol.  Still beautiful though!)


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