Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Primpin': Part II

Big Primpin' Part I focused on changes directly related to my skin--Part II below focuses more on general lifestyle changes that have helped improve my skin as well.
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Drinking (LOTS) of water.
I used to be terrible about drinking water.  Not including workouts, I probably drank about 2 cups of water PER WEEK (I told you.  TERRIBLE.)  So one day this summer, I decided to challenge myself.  I had been reading a lot of things saying that water was basically a cure all for everything.  Have dry skin?  Drink water.  Have insomnia?  Drink water.  Don't poop regularly enough?  You got it--drink water.  So my challenge was to drink a 50 ounce bottle (about 6 cups) of Poland Spring water, all in one day.  Mind you, that would be more water in one day than I typically drink in weeks so this would be no easy feat.  Even though it was a bit of a struggle, I managed to do it.  And then I challenged myself to do the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next.  I've even jazzed it up a bit by adding some pure lemon juice to it which makes it so much more tolerable.  

Now I strive to drink anywhere from 24 ounces to 56 ounces a day (I can't quite do the whole 64 ounces/8 cups a day because frankly that's way too much water for me) and have been doing so for the past few months and I definitely see results regarding my skin and my over all well-being.
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Getting More Sleep.
Ahhh, the ever elusive state of sleep.  I've known some people who once their head hits the pillow, they are out like a light.  I however have never had such luck.  It usually takes me a good 30 minutes to fall asleep once we've turned off the TV (and FH puts away his beloved iPad).  And most of the time it's because I just cannot turn my brain off--my body may be physically exhausted but it's difficult to completely shut down.  I also used to have bouts of insomnia every once in awhile due to stress and even my period (weird right?)  So I've tried to make a conscious effort to make some lifestyle changes in order to get more sleep.  

I knew I did NOT want to start taking prescription meds for my sleep issues so I went the natural route and started taking Melatonin on nights when I knew sleep wouldn't come easily.  I also try getting to bed earlier and turning off the electronics within a reasonable amount of time.  I started exercising more and developed healthier eating habits (this will be a two part post next week!)  And getting more sleep does FABULOUS things for your skin.  In my case, my skin stopped looking so dry and the puffiness around my eyes disappeared.

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Stop Stressing Out All the Time.
But above all, I made a conscious effort to stop stressing myself out all the time (over various things, surprisingly most are NOT wedding-related). And I realized that once I stopped stressing the little things, I started to feel like tiny weights were being lifted off my shoulder one by one.  Granted, some things still do piss me off to no end (and God forbid someone messes with me while I’m PMS’ing...) but I try really hard to take a step back and find some calm and balance.  I can’t say it always works but it’s a significant  improvement from how stressed I used to get. This has had a direct impact on things like my sleep patterns, my face picking and hence the condition of my skin.

So these are the things I’m doing to make sure the best ME is present on my wedding day.  I can’t say these things will work for everyone, but the thing to do is identify what your challenges are and tackle them one by one.  And most importantly--whatever ends up working for you, make sure to stick with it.


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