Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Phrase to Engrave?

Mr. M and I just spent a fab weekend in NYC and were able to get the ball rolling on a major to-do item--we visited the jeweler to select our wedding rings.  We were running late (due to some terrible traffic, ugh!) but Mr. M managed to pick out his ring in less than 10 minutes.  He apparently had already done a bunch of research online and decided that a sleek and classic style was really what he wanted (he's never consistently worn a piece of jewelery in his life so he also wanted something very lightweight and durable).  And we saved major $$ since he decided on an alternative metal (Cobalt).
This is the ring he selected with a 4.5MM width / Image via Benchmark Rings
The decision for my ring was a bit more complicated.  Here is a picture of my ring from our engagement shoot;
Photo by Sarelle Photos
More detailed pic of my ring / Personal Photo
Because the ring setting is pretty intricate, we basically have to get the same designer to create the wedding band--which means I have to ship my engagement ring off to California for a week so he can customize the band to exactly fit the e-ring.   For now, I'm ordering it plain (no diamonds) since it's more cost-effective.

Now our biggest dilemma is deciding on the engraving for his ring (mine will be too small to have one).  Should we stick with the standard name/initials and wedding date?  A song lyric? The symbol for infinity?  Our dorky nicknames for each other?  I found this old post by Mrs. Hibiscus that had some great engraving ideas and also came across these articles for inspo;

 The Knot
TLC Weddings

What will you be engraving on your ring(s)?


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