Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Awesome Registry Gifts

I CANNOT believe that I've already been married for a month as of today--crazy how quickly time flies!!!  As I still anxiously patiently await our wedding photos, I wanted to share the fact that I finished all of my post-wedding tasks (other than my recaps of course) as of last week.  That included choosing clips for our WeddingMix video (more on that once the video is actually done!) but most importantly, sending out the last few thank you notes for all the gifts we received. 

Because we had a destination wedding, Mr. M and I were seriously shocked by how many gifts, both physical and monetary, that we got.  We honestly didn't expect to get much since 112 of our 116 guests had to travel from the U.S. to get to Montreal, but every week we'd have package after package delivered to Mr. M's office or my parents' house.  Just a few weeks before the wedding, we had to add quite a few more items to our various registries because we were running out of options for our guests.

With that in mind, we added all types of items, even ones that we didn't think anyone would actually get for us.  And like that very same assumption we made with the Wusthof knive set and KitchenAid mixer, we couldn't have been more wrong!  For those of you still working on your registries or still struggling with things to add, here are some more of the kick-ass registry gifts we received that I HIGHLY recommend adding to yours (if you think you'll actually use them of course).
Nest Learning Thermostat / Amazon
Hands down, the coolest item we added to our registry.  Courtesy of Mr. M's boss, this thermostat is digital and can be controlled remotely (i.e. outside of the home, from bed, ANYWHERE) through an app downloaded on your smartphone.  It also knows when you are away, so will conserve energy by turning off.  You can program it to kick in/turn off at any time of the day, any day of the week.  This is perfect for anyone, even if you or your fiance aren't particularly techie. 
Dyson Bladeless Fan / Photo via Bed Bath & Beyond

This was the one item on our registry we thought was total wishful thinking since it was the most expensive one...until Mr. M's co-worker and wife ended up getting for us!!  This is without a doubt, the most amazing fan ever--we've used it every night since setting it up a few weeks ago.  It's keeps us cool at night, comes with a remote and has such a sleek design.
Le Creuset Skillet / Amazon
It's Le Creuset--need I say more??  We've been dying for one of these beauties for years and two of our good friends got it for us.  It's heavy as hell and seems intimidating at first, but it's the real deal when it comes to stove top cooking--we can't get enough of it!

Keurig B40 Elite / Keurig
So actually this item wasn't on our registry--one of my uncle's saw it at Macy's and decided to get it for us because he couldn't find the other coffee maker we had on the list.  And it's been awesome--the coffee is made so quickly and it's a nice replacement for our old Krupps coffee maker.  We bought an additional part that lets us use our own coffee in addition to the K-cups (Mr. M prefers Illy and I like the Starbucks Caramel coffee).
Rachael Ray Oven Lovin' Non-Stick Bakeware Set / Amazon
 This is such a great set and inexpensive too!  We received this from two really good friends of ours and I've since made countless cookies and even an amazing blueberry pie from scratch.

Neatfreak Hampers, Deluxe Everfresh Laundry Triple Sorter / Macy's
 So we've used the same hamper I've owned since college.  You know, one of those giant pop-up mesh hampers for your dorm.  It was also a triple sorter but after YEARS of use, it was definitely on it's last leg (literally--the bottom was falling apart).  So I was thrilled when one of Mr. M's uncle's got this for us.  The best part is that it's on wheels so it's much easier to cart the laundry to the washer/dryer now.  LOVE!

Amazon Gift Card / Amazon
I don't know about you guys, but we are OBSESSED with Amazon.  Like, we order something at least once a week.  We are also Prime members which is even more of an incentive to order stuff since we can get it quickly.  So adding Amazon gift cards was a no-brainer for us--and we received one from BM T and one from another good friend :)

So are any of the above items on your registry?  If not, have I convinced you to add any of these to yours?


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