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Primp My Bride Real Weddings - Chic Rustic Vineyard Wedding in Long Island, New York

New Yorkers Angela and Kevin traded in the hustle and bustle of New York City for the peace and beauty of a Long Island vineyard--the perfect setting for their rustic vintage wedding.  In addition to a Jewish ceremony, they decided to also honor Angela's heritage by having a traditional Korean ceremony as well.  Read more about their beautiful and unique wedding below--especially to find out what they cut instead of a reception cake!

All photos by Angelica Glass.

When and where was your wedding?

Kevin and I got married on October 15, 2012 at Martha Clara Vineyards.  It was a sunny (but windy!) fall day.

When did you know that your wedding dress was "the one"?

I had seen this Vera Wang wedding dress while browsing online and loved how unique it was, while still maintaining a traditional bridal look.  But it was a Vera and it was SO over my budget, so I didn't even consider going to the store to try it on.  I actually ended up getting another dress that was way under budget...but even months later I still couldn't get over the Vera dress. 

I eventually went to Vera Wang Bridal to try it on thinking I would get some closure.  Knowing this could be a very, very bad idea I went anyway and sure enough, I fell in LOVE with it the moment I tried it on.  But boy was I in quite the pickle!  Luckily my sister (and maid of honor) was gracious and generous enough to pay for half of the dress as my wedding gift.  It was the best gift any bride could ask for!  I was even able to re-sell my first wedding dress at almost full value (since I didn't make any alterations) so it all worked out for the best.  Now I have some very big shoes to fill when I'm my sister's MOH! 

 Rank your top 10 favorite moments from your wedding day.
#10 - First look.  So our first look wasn't picture perfect.  It was chilly outside with 25 mph wind gusts--my hair was flying all over the place and all our photos looked awkward!  BUT that experience was so very "us".  It was such a great moment to finally see him for the first time before we got married.

#9 - Flash mob. Kevin and I don't really like attention on us very much so the thought of a first dance was pretty terrifying.  So instead of a traditional first dance, we planned a surprise flash mob!  We started off as if we were doing a first dance then 30 seconds later, our entire wedding party and some close friends jumped out of their seats and did a choreographed dance.  It was a great surprise to the rest of our guests and SO much fun to plan!

#8 - THE FOOD. I loved our wedding food. Everything we choose was delicious and I thank our caterer for going the extra mile--I really wanted Korean BBQ to be part of the menu, so they took the time to test out cooking it months before the wedding so they could perfect it.  It was so good! 

#7 - I am an absolute HUGE fan of pizza--my obsession stems mostly from my childhood. It's very much a symbol of love for me so I knew it would have to be part of my wedding day. We hired Pizza Moto to come feed our guests towards the end of the night.  It was the best surprise! They also served S'mores on a cast iron pan which was DELICIOUS.

#6 - My girls!!  More specifically, being with my bridesmaids and getting ready. It was SO cold in the bridal suite and there was no heat.  But we still did our best to stay warm and enjoy the moment. These are the best girlfriends I will ever know and am grateful that they were there to celebrate with me!

#5 - THE HORAH!!!! I LOVE the horah. I'm always the first person to jump up at weddings and participate in the dancing as soon as I hear the music start. So naturally, I couldn't wait for the day I got to sit on that chair myself and be thrown up and down in celebration. Of course MOST brides are very nervous about doing this, but I've been waiting for that moment since the day I got engaged. What a thrilling experience! I even remember asking Kevin's groomsmen to keep me up there for 30 minutes! Of course it ended up being just a few minutes but it was still exciting and such a fun tradition!

#4 - The Korean ceremony "pae baek". My family was actually surprised that I even wanted a Korean ceremony (they think I'm very Americanized), but it was important to me that I celebrated my marriage with a part of my culture. It's not so often that I get to show off how proud I am of my ethnicity and this was the perfect moment. It was also a wonderful experience to have my husband and his Jewish family take part in it with extreme excitement and 100% support. It was really a symbol of how accepting our families are of our relationship.

#3 - Our "cake" cutting. Instead of a traditional cake, we cut a pizza and feed each other our slice!  It was another way to make our wedding different and uniquely us.

#2 - My mother walking me down the aisle and giving me away. Not only was my mother a single parent raising three children, but on a low income and with English as her second language. She's the most selfless, caring and loving person I know.  There was no prouder moment for me that day then when my amazing mom walked me down the aisle and gave me away.  It was an honor and a memory I will cherish forever.

#1 - Marrying my husband!

Wedding Vendors
Venue: Martha Clara Vineyards
Caterer: A Small Affair
Photographer: Angelica Glass 
Florist: Moments in Time Floral Design
Pizza Truck: Pizza Moto
Custom Cupcakes: Risa Puno - Cupcake Lab NYC


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