Monday, May 6, 2013

To Tip or Not to Tip...that is the Question

Ah, this is probably one of the most hotly debated wedding topics out there.  After money gets budgeted for items both big and small, one thing that never seems to get factored in (at least not in the beginning) are the vendor tips.  This can potentially add hundreds or thousands of dollars to any wedding budget, so I wanted to discuss the different sides of the issue and see what you guys think.
Image via NBC News
Plain and simple, people on this side of the argument feel that vendors should be tipped (for a job well done of course).  Just like you tip a waiter, bartender or hair stylist, there seems to be a standard in the industry for tipping the people who made your big day possible.  The norm is anywhere between 15% - 20% but there are also some set costs ($50 for this person, $200 for that person) depending on who you are tipping and for what service.

Against Tipping
The two arguments I read/hear the most on this side of the debate are 1) "I don't get tipped at work for doing my job.  Why is it any different in this situation?" and 2) "I just dropped a shit ton of money on this once-in-a-lifetime event and you want me to pay how much extra?".  Some people even argue that nearly all wedding vendors charge engaged couples the "wedding markup".  Because you may already paying a premium for wedding services, some believe that paying anything more is unnecessary. 

So far, this infographic I found below has helped shed some more light onto this issue for a third option that is somewhere in-between.  Basically it states that you don't need to tip any vendors that own their own business (since they set the price of their services). 
Very helpful inforgraphic guide on tipping / Image via Wedding Bells
So hive, where do you stand on the issue?  Will you or won't you (tip that is)?


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