Friday, May 3, 2013

The "Man-Scent"

As I mentioned last week, I found my signature scent and was able to snag it for free (holla!!)  As I continued to walk through Sephora, I started thinking about Mr. M and how it would be cool (at least in my mind) for him to have a wedding day scent as well.  But Mr. M is not really into "man-scents".  The only hint of fragrance on him is his Irish Spring soap and Old Spice deodorant--such a manly man.  Actually, the first cologne he ever owned was a bottle of Armani Code for Men I bought him during the first year of our relationship.   He ended up wearing it for quite a few months but now 8 years later, I believe it's sitting in a box somewhere in the basement.  Oh well, at least he tried!

So while in the men's fragrance section, I asked the lady what were the new hot scents for guys and what she would recommend as a wedding day man-scent.  The first one she highly recommended was Gucci Guilty for Men.
Gucci Guilty / Image via Sephora
 Hive, this scent is DIVINE--it smells incredible.  I couldn't stop sniffing the scent stick and was instantly hooked.

Next up was Cartier Declaration for Men.
Image via Sephora
This smelled good--very good, but it was the complete opposite of Gucci Guilty.  It's so light that the lady told me both men and women can use it.  It has hints of fruit and spice--definitely not your typical man-scent.

Last up was my beloved Armani Code for Men--the scent that will always remind me of our first year together.
Image via Perfumania
So I requested samples of all three to bring home to Mr. M for him to decide.  Ultimately he chose Gucci Guilty, which I'm actually very happy about since it was my favorite.  Armani Code is wonderful but like I said, it reminds me of our first year together.  It'll be nice for him to wear something new that'll remind me of the next chapter of our lives together :)

Would you consider getting a "man-scent" for your fiance to wear on the wedding day?


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