Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This Modern Love: We Toast with Fancy Champagne

Since this was such a special occasion, we planned in advance to bring up the bottle of Cristal that Mr. M had received from his bosses for closing on a huge deal at work.  He got this bottle almost three years ago (well before we were engaged) and even then I told him we shouldn't open the bottle until our wedding.  I know that was a ballsy thing to say at the time, but I knew he'd put a ring on it eventually ;)

So we invited our parents and most of Mr. M's side of the family to crack open the bottle and try what is supposed to be one of the best champagnes in the world.  None of us had ever tried it before, so I think most of us assumed that it was probably all hype and wouldn't end up even being that good. 
This is the stuff rappers rap about
Mr. M pouring the champagne for a toast
Ummmmmmmm, we were wrong.  Excuse my French but that shit was the BOMB!!  It was delicious, not too dry and had a nice finish.  We toasted to life, love, family and good times, and took a few more photos.
Mr. M's brother posing with the bottle
Blending of two families--it's a beautiful thing!

Me and my sister/MOH on our suite's balcony
I don't think we'll buy a bottle for ourselves anytime soon since it's so expensive, but we'll happily welcome it again as a gift!

During this time, we also had a surprise delivery to the suite (well it wasn't a surprise for me since I had arranged it as something for Mr. M to be revealed at the Welcome Dinner).  Everyone parted ways while my parents and sister helped me bring this special "delivery" over to the welcome dinner.  Little did I know the scary drama that was in store for us just an hour from then....


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