Monday, August 5, 2013

This Modern Love: Practice Makes Perfect

When we last left off (the day before the wedding), I was drying my hair and forcing myself to eat a Caesar salad.  I had about two hours to get ready for our ceremony rehearsal which our wedding planner Rachel would be running.  There were no other events going on in our ceremony space that Friday night, so we'd be fortunate enough to practice in the room that we would actually get married in.

My bridesmaid Robyn came up to the room to keep me company for a bit and took this picture while I sat under my awesome (and ridiculous-looking) portable hair dryer.

All photos personal.
I know it looks like a space helmet but you simply attach the nozzle to a regular handheld blow dryer and voila!  Dried and straightened hair in an hour :)
Once I was dressed, I headed down to the lobby to meet all twenty-six people who would be attending rehearsal.  I know it sounds like a ton of people but we had a big group who'd be playing an important role the next day.  In addition to ourselves and Rachel, we had seven bridesmaids, six groomsmen, four parents, two grandparents, two readers and two flip cam "directors".

As things got underway, Rachel did a fantastic job of organizing this huge group and running through everyone's entrances and positions. This was actually the first time that all of these people, the most important people in our lives, were all in the same room together--it was definitely a special moment :)
Mr. M sharing some brotherly love with his Best Man/Brother
The bridal party and Mr. M waiting for me and my parents

Mama & Papa Mongoose walking me down the aisle--smiles all around!

All the pretty ladies in a row

I don't remember what we were looking at, but we look happy about it
Mr. M's parents and grandparents enjoying the show
We got done with rehearsing the ceremony in about half an hour, so I asked everyone to stay a few more minutes while we practiced the reception entrances.  We had some fun revealing the entrance music choices for everyone (more on that in a later post!) and seeing the funny dances people were coming up with.

Afterwards, we had just the family come up to our suite where we wanted to do a quick champagne toast before heading over to Les 3 Brasseurs for the Welcome Dinner.

My Advice:  If you have a rather large bridal party, I highly recommend you do a run-through of your ceremony entrances and exits.  Even if you don't have your officiant, wedding planner/DOC available, have someone reliable and authoritative (whether that's a member of the bridal party, a friend or family member) lead the rehearsal.  In all the rush, excitement and emotion the next day, you won't have time to focus on coordinating this part.  Not saying the entrances need to be perfect, but some semblance of organization will help speed things along!

Did you have an actual rehearsal of the ceremony and/or other entrances?


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