Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Inevitable Newlywed "15"

So remember all that hard work I put into ensuring I a) fit into my wedding dress with room to spare and b) had killer arms for the wedding photos?  After 9 months of meticulous calorie counting (portion control was key since there was no way I was giving up carbs, sweets and wine) and a few months of P90X, I had the wedding body I always dreamed of having.

And then, leftover wedding cake and cupcakes happened.  And the summertime happened.  With the wedding over and my goal achieved, I totally fell off the "staying fit" wagon.

That about sums it up / Photo via Some E-Cards
It's the curse of the inevitable Newlywed 15!  Okay, not so much a curse but in my case, it was more so about not having a specific goal after the wedding and therefore losing the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  And the honeymoon didn't help--I probably gained about 5 pounds just on that trip alone (granted, we were gone for almost four weeks, but still!)

While I kept trying to keep some semblance of a workout schedule afterwards (I must have started and stopped P90X three times this summer), it was very difficult to have the motivation to do such a killer workout 6 times a week.  And in terms of food, I would say the first two months after the wedding is when I gained the most weight as I was sooo over counting calories at that point.  BIG mistake.

When I started having difficulty comfortably fitting into my favorite pair of jeans, I knew that I had to once again make a change.  The thing is, we've been eating much healthier again these past few months--which is actually not that difficult anymore since I've really become passionate about cooking over the past year.  Plus, we are living on a budget these days after the momentous (and hella expensive) year we've had, which means less eating out.

So with the healthy meals under control but the weight still not coming off, I know that I've got to retrain my brain to not overeat, control my portions, and get into some kind of workout routine again.  Since Mr. M and I have pretty busy schedules these days, we're trying a new Beachbody workout called T25 (by the same guy who created Insanity).  It's a super intense 5x/week program but each workout is only 25 minutes.  We just started yesterday and while it's really tough, it felt good to finally get moving again.  Plus in the past, I usually preferred to workout solo, but it was actually fun working out with the Mr.  Now there is NO excuse for not being able to find a mere 25 minutes a few days a week to workout.  It's a 10 week program so we'll try to stick with it!

For me, it's not about being super skinny but it's really about staying healthy.  I'm no where near being overweight so I don't want to obsess or be too hard on myself.  But now that I'm getting older and my once speedy metabolism feels like it's sputtered to a halt, I want to instill good eating and exercise habits for myself now, so I can continue to live a long, happy and healthy life.  I know it's cliche to say, but it really should be a lifestyle change at this point.  Plus, I want to always look damn good in a bathing suit :)

Anyone else dealing with the newlywed 15?  Any tips on how to stay motivated and continue to maintain healthy habits?


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