Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 3rd (and Final) Planning Trip

As we near the 3 month mark later this month until our wedding, Mr. M and I knew we'd have to schedule one last planning trip up to Montreal before the big wedding weekend.  We've decided to go next month, and on this trip we will be taking care of the following things;

Food Tasting
Finally!  I've been waiting one year for this (ever since seeing the delicious menu).  We've skipped the dessert that was originally in our package to get more hor d'oeuvres during cocktail hour--we're doing this because we're having an outside baker bring in our cupcake tower, so didn't feel like we needed additional dessert.  I'll write a post about the food details after the tasting.

Wedding Day Scheduling with Planner
We'll be meeting with our wedding planner in person to discuss the nitty gritty details regarding vendors and scheduling for the wedding day.  She sent us these forms to fill out (at least to the best of our ability at this point) as a way to start coordinating everything, which we'll be reviewing during out meeting next month.

Hair & Makeup Trial
As I mentioned in my engagement shoot post, I had a hair & makeup trial with my stylists the morning of the shoot, so I could see how well everything would hold up during the day (and how it all photographed as well).  The hair stylist did a fantastic job and I was really pleased with how my hair turned out. 

For makeup, I really liked what the makeup artist did with my eyes and lips, however the foundation color she used was a little off--it was just too light for my skin.  I was able to fix it after she left (I had a darker shade with me) but you better believe that will not be happening the day of the wedding--hence the necessity of this final trial.  More on hair & makeup inspo for the big day in my next post.

Viewing Rental Items in Person
We hired the company who will be providing rentals for the wedding day all via email.  The rentals include white spandex chair covers, teal chair sashes, teal napkins and gold table runners (the venue already includes white table clothes).  It'll be great to see the actual set up in person so there won't be any surprises on the wedding day.  As I mentioned in this post, this is the closest image I could create in regards to how I'm envisioning the tablescapes;
My Virtual Tablescape (Teal and Gold) / Created on BBJLinen.com

We'll also be checking out some restaurants we haven't yet been to, adding to the growing list of recommendations for our guests to check out throughout the wedding weekend.

For you destination brides, how many planning trips did you take to your location before the wedding day?


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