Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Big Primpin' Part III

If you recall wayyy back (okay, just a few months ago) I detailed my pre-wedding primping in Big Primpin' Part I and Big Primpin' Part II.  I just wanted to give a quick update on how everything's been working so far and the new things I've added to my regimen.

First off, the best decision I've made was to get monthly facials.  My face has never looked as healthy and my skin tone as even as it has over the past twelve months. Since I don't spend a lot on beautifying (I rarely get mani/pedis, only go to the hair salon a few times a year for my perm/relaxer and I get my eyebrows threaded once a month for $9), it was well within my budget to splurge on a monthly facial--and it's been worth every single penny. 

And in addition to drinking a TON more water and getting more sleep, I've also been trying to take vitamins as regularly as possible.  I take a multi, vitamin D, biotin, folic acid and I'd like to think these have also contributed to fixing my skin as well.

Another thing that's worked wonders for my face has been my Olay ProX exfoliating face brush (which I use a few times a week).  So with exfoliating in mind, I was in Whole Foods recently and got drawn into the beauty section which features some great-smelling organic body salt scrubs.
Various Salt Scrubs by Woodspirits
For $13.99, I purchased the Tsunami Relief "flavor" which is made with safflower oil, lemon peel and essential oil of grapefruit.  It smells absolutely divine and I've been doing a weekly body scrub in the shower for the past few weeks (it's quick and easy--only takes about 3-5 minutes).  I also plan on bringing the jar up with me to Montreal so I can exfoliate the night before the wedding.

And last but not least, I started using Crest White Strips this week (and somehow convinced Mr. M to use them as well!)  The first time I used these was like 4 or 5 years ago and let me tell you friends, they work.  You just apply the upper and lower strips to your teeth for 30 minutes a day and voila!  Whitened teeth without paying insane amounts of $$ at the dentist.  One thing though--these make your teeth sensitive as HELL so I find that I need to take breaks every few days.  But the results are worth it.
Crest Advance Seal White Strips (20 Day Supply) / Image via Amazon
Anyone else as borderline OCD about their pre-wedding beauty routine as I am?  What things are you doing to beautify for the big day?


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