Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Photo Must-Haves

With the wedding almost a month away, we've been emailing with our photographers for the past few weeks about the shooting schedule for the big day.  Our photogs are an awesome couple who offered us a pretty sweet deal--in addition to including our e-shoot within the cost, there is also no time limit for shooting on the wedding day.  They will come early for the getting-ready shots and they will stay until the party ends at 2am (unless we tell them they can leave earlier since we'll all probably be bombed and look like crap by that point!)

So while working out the shooting schedule and family portrait VIP list, I also wanted to send them my list of must-have shots that I've been hoarding pinning on Pinterest.  Here is a snippet of the images that make me swoon and that I hope they'll use as inspiration.

FYI, this will be a pretty pic-heavy post!

Getting Ready
A really good makeup shot
Image via The Bride's Cafe / Photo Credit: Renaissance Studios Photography
A getting help into the dress shot
Image via Lover.ly / Photo Credit: W Scott Chester
A dapper groom shot
Image via Lover.ly / Photo Credit: Christa Elyce
A candid of girls getting ready shot
Image via The Knot / Photo Credit: Greg Gibson Photography
An all the pretty dresses shot
Image via Lover.ly
A shoe shot (of course)
Image via The Bride's Cafe / Photo Credit: Krista Mason Photography
Bride & Groom
A pre-first look shot
Image via Melissa Young Photography
A groom kissing bride shot
Image via Bridal Musings / Photo Credit: Robert Sukrachand
A running around Old Montreal shot
Image via Raw Photo Design
A sexy shot
Image via Michael Segal Photography
A sweet shot
Image via Aphrodite's Wedding Blog/ Photo Credit: Cotton Candy Weddings
A mom and dad seeing bride shot
Image via Martha Stewart Weddings
An emotional groom shot
Image via Joie Lala
A walking down the aisle with parents shot
Image via One Wed / Photo Credit: Cory Parris
A jubilant bride and groom shot
Image & Photo Credit: Claire Eliza
A stunning first dance shot
Image via Kevin Mullins Photography
A first dance, from groom's perspective shot
Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo Credit: Out Labor of Love
Invitation suite shot
Image via Green Wedding Shoes
A tablescape shot
Image via Green Wedding Shoes
Guestbook Vinyl LPs shot
Image via Intimate Weddings
 What's on your list of must-have shots?


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