Monday, April 15, 2013

My Journey to the Dress: 2nd Fitting

I had my second dress fitting recently and so far, all is good!  Bridesmaid A came along with me for squeeing, moral support and photo-taking (thanks boo!)  It had been nearly 3 months since my first fitting, so it was exciting to see the dress again and what changes had been made.  Because I'm on the shorter side, the seamstress had previously cut a lot from the bottom of the dress during the 1st fitting.  This time around, the bottom had been hemmed and looked brand new.  As for the bodice, there still needs to be a few inches taken in on both sides as well as right above my hips (thank you MyFitnessPal and P90X!) which I think will be finished in time for my 3rd fitting next week.

For this second fitting I had all the same accessories I brought along the first time, with the addition of my wedding day jewelry from Etsy (delivered one day before the fitting).  I had this necklace and these earrings favorited on Etsy for MONTHS--I knew I had to have them when I initially read the words "vintage" and "peacock" in the description.  So I finally decided to pull the trigger a few weeks ago...and I absolutely love them!!
via Etsy Shop Azure Treasures
via Etsy Shop Azure Treasures
As you guys know, I'm not sharing actual pics of the dress until the wedding, but here are some teasers from the fitting--I can't wait to share the final look with you all :)
I feel like I'm doing something naughty behind the pixelation! / Personal Photo
The jewelry and Kate Spades make their debut!  / Personal Photo
Anyone else having a pretty good experience so far with your dress fitting?


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