Thursday, April 11, 2013

Viva Las Vegas! - A Recap

Wearing my "Bride to Be" sash! / Personal Photo
 I'm backkkk!! Okay well I've been back for a few days now but have been trying to catch up on sleep and get my voice back after my bachelorette party weekend.  We did pretty much what we set out to do which was party, drink and paint the town red.  Overall it was a good time (other than a little bit of $$ drama, but that tends to happen when you have a huge group of 17 people).

The best part was that all these different groups of ladies I'm friends/family with all got to meet and spend time with each other--and it seemed like everyone got along really well :)  Oh and the other best part was that my room was upgraded to a SWEET junior suite--thanks Cosmo!!

Some other highlights were;
Marquee Dayclub: This was probably my favorite part of the trip.  The sun was shining, the DJ was awesome and everyone had such a great time.  I love day parties!
14 of us (3 of the girls were on their way) / Personal Photo

Me and my sister (and MOH) / Personal Photo
 Chandelier Bar: One of the most unique bars I've ever seen (it's built into a ginormous chandelier).  The drinks were a little sweet, but the ambience was great and this was also the only place where we got a picture taken of all 17 of us.
Chandelier Bar / Personal Photo
Wet Republic:  The pool party at MGM Grand.  Cray cray is all I have to say :)
From L to R: Bridesmaid K, Bridesmaid M, Me, Bridesmaid A.M., Bridesmaid T / Personal Photo
Custom T-Shirts: So the shirt below was custom ordered by Bridesmaid A.I.  The front says "The Future Mrs. (Mr. Mongoose)" and the back says "Buy me a shot, I'm tying the knot!" 
Breakfast at Wicked Spoon in the Cosmo--yum!! / Personal Photo
Sweet picture of me and Bridesmaid R / Personal Photo
 Additionally, she ordered shirts for all the girls who came--the front said "Mongoose's Entourage" (and by Mongoose I mean my first name) and the back of the shirt had each girls name on it.  SO freaking cute!!!
I think some of the other girls were getting dressed! / Personal Photo
Pizza & Naughty Cupcake Night:  The last night, all the girls came to my suite for drinks, games, music, pizza and naughty cupcakes.  A nice chill way to end a crazy trip :)
Ordered from Secret Pizza in the Cosmo.  So good / Personal Photo
Hehehehe!! / Personal Photo
Last photo of the trip--my red pumps and crown in the closet.  I was trying to be artistic by Instagramming it. / Personal Photo


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