Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Modern Love: The Guys Drink Whisky, Play Games and Get Dressed

Meanwhile, the boys had spent the morning at this awesome boat spa that's permanently docked on the St. Lawrence River called Bota Bota.  They were relaxing in the water circuit (which consists of multiple saunas, steam rooms and several outdoor hot tubs with spectacular views of the city).  I thought it would have been cool for the photogs to get some shots of the guys chillin' out here, but unfortunately the spa didn't allow it (we figured they wouldn't, but it didn't hurt to ask!)

The boys headed back to the hotel, where the staff had reserved a conference room for all the boys to get ready in.  They were totes jealous that we ladies had the penthouse but we had a ton more stuff and needed the space ;) 

Disclaimer: since I wasn't there when they were getting ready (obvi!!) my commentaries are based on what's going on in the photos below and our full-length wedding video.

They started off their afternoon with ceremonial shots of whisky. 

All photos by Sarelle Photos.
I know nothing about whisky but I assume this is a good one
 After their round(s?) of shots, the boys got into a serious game of Clash of Clans (this smartphone game they are all nerding over--Mr. M has been obsessively playing for over a year and had gotten all his GMs addicted to it as well).

GM K nerding out over Clash of Clans
Remarkably, the guys were totally on schedule for getting dressed despite the distractions lol.

Love these shots of Mr. M helping his dad get dressed

Then it was time for Mr. M's closeups of getting all dapper.
My handsome man!
Mr. M's stylish Cole Haans
GM BF posing in the background lol
In the meantime, I had sent down some of the ladies to deliver the boutonnieres to the guys as well as Mr. M's gift and card from me.
The ladies interrupt bro time for a bit
 My card was a lot lengthier than his sweet note (something he hilariously pointed out on our full-length wedding video), but he got unexpectedly emotional reading my card. 

My note to him--smiles then some tears (of joy I assume!)
To really get a sense of how emotional he got reading it, check out the :26 second mark in our wedding teaser video below--it's really sweet!

I ended up getting him cuff links with the Egyptian ankh symbol on them, which represents eternal life.  This symbol is very meaningful to us (and him especially) because the night we first met, he said I was wearing a necklace that reminded him of the ankh--something he had come across when he vacationed in Egypt with his friend's family a few years earlier.  I knew I wanted to get him cuff links for the wedding, so I couldn't believe my luck when I came across this gorgeous pair on Amazon.  He absolutely loved them!
Opening his gift
I LOVE this photo.  You can see the ankh cuff link on the right
Once he composed himself and put the cufflinks on, it was time to finish getting dressed.

And all the other guys (including my dad) were finishing up getting dressed as well.

GM BB on the left; Mr. M helping his brother
Mr. M putting on my dad's cufflinks and the two dads below looking sharp
Once everyone was ready, it was time for Mr. M to head upstairs for our first look.  Because the weather was pure crap in Montreal that day (rainy and like 45 degrees), the photographers decided that our penthouse would be the best location for our first look--booking that room was yet again another one of those best.decision.ever moments because it provided the perfect backdrop for indoor photos.

But before that, I finally get to put on my most favorite dress in the world!

 Miss a recap?  Fret not!  Catch up below;


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