Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Modern Love: Dance, Dance, Dance Part I

After our grand reception entrance, it was time to slow things down a bit and turn up the sap factor.

All photos by Sarelle Photos.

For our first dance, we chose a beautiful little ballad by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs called "Turn Into".  Mr. M introduced me to the YYY's eight years ago, so their music has basically been the soundtrack of our relationship.  We specifically chose the acoustic version of the song which has a slower tempo than the original, making it easier to slow dance to.

Turn Into (acoustic) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Grooveshark

Now we aren't shy people by any means, but first dances can feel a bit awkward.  Not only is everyone intently watching as you sway together, but a three minute dance suddenly feels like an hour.  So the only thing we could think to do (besides dancing and occasionally cracking up) was just to gaze into each others' eyes and sing the song to each other.

I have a vague memory of Mr. M whispering to me that he wanted to dip me, which I was totally on board with (as long as he didn't accidentally drop me of course!)  It was a sweet way to end our dance and it made for an even better photo op :)

Pretty smooth dip!
Next up, it was time for the father/daughter dance, and I couldn't think of a more perfect song to dance with my dad to than "My Girl" by the Temptations.

My dad is quite the showman and an incredible dancer, so as all the guests serenaded us by singing along to the song (because come on, who doesn't know/love this song?), my dad started making up some sweet, sweet dance moves.

Guests cracking up as I try to keep up with dad
I think I'm serenading him here!
Now I love dancing, but it's hard to keep up with your old man when 1) you're wearing 4 inch heels 2) you're wearing a giant dress and 3) he's a damn good dancer.  It was so much fun though and our guests got such a kick out of it!  Afterwards, people kept coming up to me asking me how long we practiced our dance before the wedding...and were shocked to find out that we had just made everything up on the spot (or to put it more accurately, my dad made everything up and I just followed his lead).  That's just how we roll!

Next up, Mr. M dances with his mom and we surprise his grandparents with an anniversary dance!

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