Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Modern Love: Bridal Party Shots (Not the Kind You Drink)

With the weather still not letting up, we had to find creative places to continue our photo session, so the bridal party met us in the atrium of the Nelligan.  We squeezed into the back table (that had a GORGEOUS background) and took a few shots--mostly of us all being silly :)

All photos by Sarelle Photos.

Cheering us on as we make out
Cracking up over here--not sure about what but it looks fun!
Our photographers Samara and Chris then said, "Alright guys, we'd love to get some shots outside--just a few minutes, we promise!".  The guys, who were fully dressed were all about it, however us ladies were like "Say whaaaat?!".  It was one thing to take photos on the balcony of our room but to go outside outside??  It was drizzling heavily and cold as shit (46 degrees at the end of May!!).

My main concern was the bottom of my dress and getting it dirty before the ceremony.  But we ladies sucked it up and headed outside anyway (with giant umbrellas provided to us by the hotel).  And boy am I glad we did because some of my favorite shots from the day were taken at this time!

I pretty much carried my skirt the whole time
We had been obsessed with this wall ever since we saw a bridal party the year before posing here for pictures.  We made sure to let Samara and Chris know that we had to take photos in front of it!

The bridal party joined us in front of the wall for a few more shots (including a jump shot because let's face it--no wedding would be complete without one!)

Our pathetic attempt at a jump shot--it was cold and rainy!
Then, it was time for bridesmaids, groomsmen and group shots.

Just being girls!

And the boys being silly!

And then, my favorite series of photos from the day.  Mr. M was attempting to make my huge veil look as if it were wind-blown.  After a few failed attempts that were hilariously documented, he finally got it right!  And it made for one bad-ass shot.

The left picture pretty much sums up why I married this one.
He didn't quite make it out of the shot in time.
He finally gets it right!  And got some good height in the process
And with that, it was finally time to head back inside.

All smiles despite the rain
We took a few more shots on the balconies in the atrium.

Taking it all in before we get married
We were right on schedule in terms of timing, so all headed back up to the penthouse for a few minutes before guests started arriving for the ceremony.

Next up on the Mongoose recaps--we start the ceremony!!

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